• You gathered in the streets to play hide, police and teef or tell ghost story at nights during a “blackout”.
  • You cheered and applauded when the lights came back on after a “blackout”.
  • You went on a school trip to Altun Ha, Port Authority or Sugar Factory.
  • You woke up at four in the morning to go shopping in Chetumal or Melchor.
  • You walked from your house to Pound Yard Bridge four in the morning to ketch that Batty’s Bus to go to Chetumal or Melchor.
  • You were chased by Ramsey because you tried to hop on his ‘mule & cart’ as he passed your house or were chased by Lamb at bridge foot for banging on his cart when he was asleep.
  • Someone in your family only attended a PUP or UDP rally for the ‘dalla’ beer.
  • Your grandmother and grandfather belonged to a Lodge Hall.
  • You or someone you know ‘drap inna kinel.”
  • You or someone you know was chased by a cow.
  • You had to wear crinolines on Easter Sunday.
  • When you got older went back to Fort to “heng out” (neck) or drive by to see “who di deh”.
  • You mi haffi eat wah rice and beans after disco.
  • You leave your house when you hear the siren because you want to know “weh di fire deh”
  • You can make a knowledgeable contribution to the crucial debate: Which one taste better – Pou or Dario’s meat pie.
  • You or someone you know was chased by a ‘passam’

Memories… Keep them coming.

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