Yu know yu da Cruffy if …. 4

Find out if you are a Cruffy.

  • You know all di words to “Ding ding walla walla “.
  • You tink ‘brukdown’ is an artform.
  • You tink ‘riceanbeanschickenansalad’ dah wan word.
  • Dalla chickin da your idea of a nite out to eat.
  • You mi wah grow up fu be like Seferino Coleman.
  • “Lauren Da Maanin'” was you favorite t.v. show.
  • Multicolored long sleeve shirts with an unmatching red green and yellow belt was what made you “G-Q”.
  • Happy Cow was yu favorite cheese.
  • You couldn’t wait fu tomarrow maanin fu call Brian pa “Communication line” so yu coulda tell ah bout yu neybah daag weh baak all ah last nite.
  • Yu tink “patlicka” dah wah actual breed ah daag.
  • Yuh wouda give yu left leg fu some “Cottobrute” right now.
  • Yuh bwaifren serenade yu wid wan ah Mista Petas’ Hits from Di “Boom an Shine Band” last nite.
  • Yu mi tink dat yu da mi di fus person fu discover dat KLIM dah MILK spell backway.
  • Yu know at least wan person weh get wah dalla fram George Price.
  • Wen you seh yu gwain tek Batty, you mean di bus company.
  • Anansi was your hero.
  • Yu thought ‘yeriso’ was a reliable source of information.
  • To you the Baron Bliss lighthouse held a totally different level of significance than for what it was originally intended.
  • yu use grampa balls fi glue so you could mek yu kite.

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