YaYa Marin Coleman raised concerns about St. Martin Primary 2

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2 thoughts on “YaYa Marin Coleman raised concerns about St. Martin Primary

  • The truth

    yaya you is a stupid girl. Grow up don`t be dumb, because if the ministry don`t care much about education where does that leave you. you ex-convict.

    • FiWeBelize

      Come on mien. Let’s not attack people now. That’s not how we progress. First of all, everyone has a voice and should speak especially when it come to raising awareness on issues affecting our fellow Belizeans. Second, whatever a person did in the past should NOT affect who they are today and what they do as long as it is not criminal in nature.

      YaYa is doing a great good for our children by raising these issues to the attention of the nation and we applaud her for it. Because the Government is inept at dealing with them or refuses to do anything about it has nothing to do with what we are trying to do by bringing these issues to light and fighting to get them fixed.

      If you have suggestions on how to deal with the issues then please voice them so we can discuss them and please refrain from attacking people personally.