Why nothing may happen with the UDP Immigration Scandal 3

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3 thoughts on “Why nothing may happen with the UDP Immigration Scandal

  • Paco Smith.

    Short but sweet…this article is on point!

    For those UDP party hacks out there who don’t want to acknowledge and admit it, I expect no different. As for the other side of the equation, I won’t let you off the hook either, because when you’re in control on Independence Hill, you have the very same modus operandi.

    Simply put, how can anyone who claims to love this country and want to see better, have no issue with what this article clearly articulates? This party before country B.S. has got to stop. Most importantly, we must realise that “the powers that be” won’t willingly give up their influence and control, although that which they possess is actually contingent upon the consent of the electorate and people of Belize.

    Think about it…

    • FWB Post author

      Exactly Mr Smith. Why Belizeans keep turning a blind eye to what is happening I cannot comprehend. As for the other side of the equation, being the lesser of two evils does not make you any better.

      The issue remains that the current structure in Belize dictates that any party in office has total control and are above the law. We must change that, we need a new Constitution and Government structure in Belize. The first problem lying in that the UDP nor the PUP will make the change no matter how much they preach Change; their ultimate goal is control and hustling every bit they can from our nation and leave the populace empty handed. The other problem lies in the people, are people willing to acknowledge we have a problem and push aside partisan politics and do what is right for themselves not politicians? Are they willing to understand that the most they are worth to the PUP or UDP is a ham or turkey every now and again or whatever they pay for votes?

      What is needed in Belize is for people to vote alternative and get people in office that will work for the nation not themselves, people that will answer to the citizenry, not their party. I agree, the Party before nation bs MUST STOP; but it’s the people that must step up and start the process. Einstein said this: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Have we become that insane that we cannot step back and see things for what they really are or have we become so Complacent and Ignorant?

      In his novel 1984 Gorge Orwell said this:
      The proles constitute 85% of the population; they receive little education, work at manual labor, live in poverty (although in having privacy and anonymity, qualitatively better off than Outer Party members), and usually die by the age of sixty; they are not expected to understand their exploitation as cheap labour by the Party, and thereby unable or unwilling to organize resistance. Their functions are simple: work and breed. They care little about anything but home and family, neighbour quarrels, films, football, beer, lottery tickets, and other such bread and circuses. O’Brien claims the proles would never revolt because they have no need to do so, so long as they are kept well-fed and distracted. Despite having freedoms, the Thought Police plant agents among the proles to spread false rumours and mark down and/or eliminate any individuals deemed capable of causing trouble.

      As the Party slogan put it: ‘Proles and animals are free.’