Who to contact on the GMO issue

Here is a list of contact information for people relevant to GMOs in Belize. Please make your voices heard.

Chief Agriculture Officer – Mr. Eugene Waight

West Block Building, Belmopan City
Telephone: (501) 822-2241 or 822-2332
Fax: (501) 822-2409
E-mail: eugenewaight_bz@yahoo.com

BAHA – Belize Agriculture Health Authority

Managing Director (BELMOPAN)
Mr. Michael Thomas
Tel: (501) 822-1378

General Office
Corner of Hummingbird Highway and Forest Drive, P. O. Box 169,
Belmopan, Belize, Central America
Tel: (501) 822-0197 or 0818
Fax: (501) 822-0271
E-mail: baha@btl.net

Plant Health Department
Francisco Gutierrez M.Sc.
E-mail: baha@btl.net; planthealth@baha.bz

Food Safety Department (BELIZE CITY)
Michael W. De Shield
Tel: (501) 224-4794
Fax: (501) 224-5230
E-mail: foodsafety@btl.net; vdrcu@baha.bz


Plus TV: plustelevision@yahoo.com
Wamali Radio: wamalali@btl.net
Amandala: editor_amandala@yahoo.com
Reporter: editoreporter@gmail.com and reporternewspaper@gmail.com
Love FM: lovefm@lovefm.com and lovefmbelize@yahoo.com, jose@channel5belize.com, newsdirector@channel5belize.com, delahnie@channel5belize.com, andrea@channel5belize.com, isani@channel5belize.com
Channel 7: tvseven@btl.net
Channel 5: gbtv@btl.net
Guardian: guardian@btl.net and guardbze@yahoo.com
Krem: kremnews@yahoo.com
San Pedro Sun: spsun@sanpedrosun.net
Wave: waveradio105_9@yahoo.com
Belize Times: belizetimes@btl.net and elizabethpridgeon@hotmail.com
Hamalali Radio: hamalali@griganet.com
Star News: starnewspaper@gmail.com
Roots and Reef (Placencia): info@pcsdbelize.org


Ministry of Finance / Prime Minister


Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Audrey Wallace

Cabinet Secretary
H.E. Mr. James Murphy
2nd Floor Sir Edney Cain Building
Telephone: 501-822-2345
Fax: 501-822-0898
Website: http://www.mof.gov.bz

Financial Secretary
Mr. Joseph Waight
Telephone: 501-822-2344
Fax: 501-822-2886

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries


Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Gabino Canto
Tel: (501) 822-2330
Email: minaf@btl.net or info@agriculture.gov.bz

General Office
1st Floor West Block Building
Tel: (501) 822-2241 or 822-2242 or 822-2243
Fax: (501) 822-2409

Show Grounds
Tel: (501) 822-1282/822-1283
Website: http://www.agriculture.gov.bz

Chief Agriculture Officer
Mr. Eugene Waight
West Block Building, Belmopan City
Telephone: (501) 822-2241 or 822-2332
Fax: (501) 822-2409
E-mail: eugenewaight_bz@yahoo.com

Ministry of Economic Development, Commerce and Industry, and Consumer Protection

Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Yvonne Hyde

General Office
Ground Floor Sir Edney Cain Building Belmopan
Tel: (501) 822-2526 or 822-2527 or 822-1495
Fax: (501) 822-3673
Email: econdev@btl.net

Ministry of Health

Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Peter Allen
Minister of State/Ministry of Health: Honorable Arthur Roches

Director of Health Services
Dr. Michael Pitts
Email: dhs@health.gov.bz

Minister’s Office
Tel: 501-822-0589
Minister ext: 81303

General Office
2nd Floor East Block Building Belmopan:
Tel: (501) 822-2497 or 822-2068 or 822-2059
Fax: (501) 822-2942 or 822-2055
Email: dhsmoh@yahoo.com or senior secretary@health.gov.bz
Website: http://www.health.gov.bz

General Office:
3rd Floor East Block Building
Belmopan: Tel: (501) 822-2497 or 822-2325 or 822-2363
Fax: (501) 822-2942 or 822-2055
Email: seniorsecretary@health.gov.bz

Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation

Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Judith Alpuche Tel: 501-822-2246

Minister’s Office Belmopan
Tel: 501-822-2248
Email: mhd@btl.net

General Office Belmopan
Ground Floor West Block Building
Tel: 501-822- 2161 or 822-2684
Fax: 501-822-3175

Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Beverly Castillo
Tel: 501-822-2630
Email: ceo@mnrei.gov.bz

Minister’s Office
Tel: 501-822-3286
Email: minister@mnrei.gov.bz

General Office
Belmopan Tel: 501-822-2249 or 822-2711 or 822-2232 or 822-2226 or 822-2307 or 822-2626
Fax: 501-822-2333/822-208

Policy Unit
Tel: 501-822-3412 or 822-2082
Email: policy@mnrei.gov.bz or info@mnrei.gov.bz

Midwest Steel

Tel: (501) 823-0131 or (501) 823-0332
Fax: (501) 823-0270
Email: midwest@spanishlookout.bz

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 7:00am to 5:30pm, and Saturday 7:00am to 4:00pm. We close for lunch everyday from 11:30 to 12:30.

Mailing Address
Box 581
Spanish Lookout

Physical Location
Center Road
Spanish Lookout

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