What to look for when buying seeds…

Here is a list of Monsanto Products to watch for.


Monsanto Seed Brands

Agricultural Seed Brands

Agricultural Seeds

 Traits, Technologies & Partnering

No longer listed on Monsanto Site

  • Heritage seeds
  • Trelay Seeds
  • Genuity Traits
  • Deruiter Seeds
  • AquaMaster Herbicide
  • Bullet Herbicide
  • Maverick Herbicide

Logos to look out for

westbred warrant tripleflex trelay-seeds stone-seed stewart specialty seminis rt3 roundup-weathermax roundup-quikpro roundup-promax roundup-pro-concentrate roundup-powermax roundup-custom-ito rea quikpro prescriptive-ag outrider microtech mavrick lewis-hybrids lariat kruger-seeds jung-seed-genetics intrro IFS hubner heritage-seeds harness gold-country genuity fontanelle fielders-choice deltapine dekalb degree-xtra de-ruiter corn-states channel-bio certainty bullet asgrow aqua-master

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