Wastage 2

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2 thoughts on “Wastage

  • Anna Arthurs

    This mess has been going on far too long. Look at Dangriga, since my father Allan Arthurs came out of politics years ago, nothing has not been done to this town. It is a shame and a disgrace to see what this country has become. My father was instrumental in doing a lot for this town and his name has not even been mentioned. They have not even named a street after him. But that is not important as the fact that they have not done anything to the streets. The streets are horrible, so many pot holes. Messing up people’s vehicles. It is such a shame. So many people want to come and retire back here, but changed their minds when they hear about all the crimes and the injustice going on in their beloved Belize. Something has to be done. Get these criminals off the streets and stop condoning what they are doing. It is very sad.

    • FWB Post author

      Anna, thanks for your input; very valuable.

      Please give our kindest regards to your father for the work done while he served.

      I agree, something must be done about the current situation the Nation finds itself in and most of that action needs to be taken against the ruling parties of Belize.

      As well, Belizeans need to start thinking as a unified people no matter where on Earth they reside. A Belizean in another country is just as much Belizean as one living in Belize.

      As for crime, it is my thinking that if they really wanted to do something about it they would have done so years ago before it became a problem but they chose not to.