Wastage 2

PUDP is keeping the citizens hostage
By engaging in so much wastage
This country should at advance stages
With its citizens benefiting from all sorts of advantage
With better wages and advance drainage
Now the IDB is recommending that GoB increase the percentage
Of the citizens who have not yet received proper sewage
This nonsense makes me cringe
People still di empty chamber pot under Belcan Bridge
And waste control still di pick up feces in garbage
Prisoners are still carrying out night soil
Buoy these things make my blood boil!

Two weeks ago at a teachers rally
Hector Silva made recommendations to GoB
On how they could save much needed money
To pay teachers their increase in salaries
With experience in assisting in preparing eighteen annual budgets
Experience no one in the UDP has yet

His first suggestion was for the reduction in government ministries
From seventeen to ten which would cut vehicle expenses by seven million
His second was to keep the trips abroad to a minimum
Suggesting instructions from the so called “father of the nation”
To his ministers to write letters.
Now there is even telecommunication, teleconference and the internet
A minister ca sit at his desk and talk to anyone anywhere on the planet
There is no need for all these exorbitant monies to be spent
He also suggested to reduction in the number of embassies to four
One in New York, London, Europe and one roving Ambassador
With these saving they could do more for the working poor

He called on GoB to do away with Political appointees
Who are making exorbitant salaries?
In most cases they lack the qualification
Buoy cronyism is killing this nation!
Its unforgivable that San Ignacio
Does not have and ambulance
At times doctors are not in attendance
With no blood extractors
When police was perusing child molesters

There is a few I recall from before
Those were made by uncles Theodore
The building of a highway from Dangriga to Belmopan
Every year that would have saved us 10 million
Hundreds of millions from (then to now) the time of the suggestion
George Price messed up that one!
Reopening the Commerce Bight Port
This did not require much effort it Belize only natural Port
The spend millions dredging Mango Creek and Port Loyola Ports

Before I forget I want to insist
That Belmopan hospital does not have a cardiologist
What type of non-sense is this?
In this area the Venezuelan government can assist
The agreement is on your table just sign the shizzz
This government is not about the people
They are about filling their pockets

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

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2 thoughts on “Wastage

  • Anna Arthurs

    This mess has been going on far too long. Look at Dangriga, since my father Allan Arthurs came out of politics years ago, nothing has not been done to this town. It is a shame and a disgrace to see what this country has become. My father was instrumental in doing a lot for this town and his name has not even been mentioned. They have not even named a street after him. But that is not important as the fact that they have not done anything to the streets. The streets are horrible, so many pot holes. Messing up people’s vehicles. It is such a shame. So many people want to come and retire back here, but changed their minds when they hear about all the crimes and the injustice going on in their beloved Belize. Something has to be done. Get these criminals off the streets and stop condoning what they are doing. It is very sad.

    • FWB Post author

      Anna, thanks for your input; very valuable.

      Please give our kindest regards to your father for the work done while he served.

      I agree, something must be done about the current situation the Nation finds itself in and most of that action needs to be taken against the ruling parties of Belize.

      As well, Belizeans need to start thinking as a unified people no matter where on Earth they reside. A Belizean in another country is just as much Belizean as one living in Belize.

      As for crime, it is my thinking that if they really wanted to do something about it they would have done so years ago before it became a problem but they chose not to.