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2 thoughts on “WANTED – David Taylor

  • Joan Burke

    Too many of our children are suffering, in many ways, by the hands and actions of adults who are protected by the law. It should not be no surprise to us therefore why so many of our children and youth are ANGRY and CONFUSE as we the adults/duty bearers continue to fail to protect them, but quick to label them with terms such ” Uncontrollable Behaviour”, “Criminals”, “No Stranger To Police/the Law” and the list goes on. How many more of our innocent children have to suffer for us to take individual actions to protect them?? Remember they did not ask to be here………..

    • FiWeBelize

      Exactly Joan,
      What we’d like to know is:

      What happened to his hearing on February 14, 2013. Why is there nothing about this on the news or why is it just now making news if he did not show up for that hearing either?

      These cases where the criminal has family members in politics or has close family ties to politicians of their families and close friends is where you notice how failed our entire system is. When someone can kill and walk away with not even a peep as in the Vega incident on the Western Highway or the Jasmin Lowe case.

      What needs to get done in Belize and pardon my french here is that the Judicial system needs to grow a pair and put their foot down. NO-ONE is above the law not even the people that uphold the law and the law should not be taking orders from anyone in these cases.