Vicitmized by the Vega Family

I am re-sharing this from a friend of mine. This is a classic case of bullying because you can and your family is in Government so you think you are untouchable.

Let it be known by me, Elisa Awe Guerra, that my husband (Carlos Aurelio Guerra) was TODAY Jan 8th, 2014 on his BIRTHDAY, TAKEN OUT of his house valued at more than $400,000.00 with his family of 8 persons varying from ages 23 to 3 months.

My husband owed Eduardo Vega and Alma Guerra Vega ( his sister) the total amount of approximately $55,000.00 . So sad to say that the Vegas did not want to accept the payment or other properties for the money owed to them. They just wanted the HOUSE and for us to get out. We strongly assure that they have been advised by his faithful Dog SHREK and the Bruja LAMBISCONA. This has been a POLITICAL VICTIMIZATION since I contested the last Town Council elections in Benque as a PUP candidate and topped the votes in my group and want to bring me down politically.
Today, around 5pm, they sent the Senator Gerado Marconi Sosa and Ignacio Barrera accompanied by a policeman to get the key of the house because they were desperately in need to enter and check their property. About 5 mins later another police truck came with 3 policemen for backup.

At this very moment all my furniture and belongings are outside the house where we moved to getting wet since Saturday because we have no where to put it.



We have been pointed to this post on Facebook:

Sharon E Mitchelle

I am familiar with the Guerra/Vega cause & it seems that is a very unfortunate situation that comes about due to family involved in money deals. I am a just person and as part of the financial & legal system in Belize I do not see it fair that Mr Vega is being persecuted & dragged into a FBK scandal that is being perceived as political that we as Belizeans seem to turn everything Political in this country because of a last name. Yes he is the brother of Deputy Prime Minister but this issue is far from being a Vega Politics game.

the truth is as follows no bias on the matter that turned into a sad scenario:

Elisa Awe Guerra & carlos Guerra’s home was being auctioned off by Atlantic bank when Mr Guerra approached his sister, Mrs Alma Vega to please assist in this matter to save there home, this was almost 1 1/2 yrs ago. Mr Vega with the request of his wife made a loan at the Bank and assisted with all legal fees and property tax & everything else that comes along with Bank auctions and purchased the home from Atlantic Bank with carlos Guerra agreeing to pay bank Mr Vega all expenses so the home can be transferred back to them. for the past year and a half Mr Vega has allowed Elisa Awe Guerra, carlos Guerra and their entire family to live rent free awaiting them to approach him and pay back their debt. Yes Mr Vega is considered a wealthy man but everyone has debts & bills and the Guerra family made no attempt to vacate or make a deal with the Vega’s in getting their home back. at no point did the Guerra’s approach Mr Vega to settle a payment plan until Mr Vega approached them on vacating the home.

Its unfortunate but the home was purchased legally tru a Bank auction and the Guerra’s were given all the opportunities to recuperate their home but as an outsider I see that the Guerra’s figured Mr Vega was a wealthy man and since that was their family home they wanted it back free of cost. Mr Vega had to get legal advise and he has a loan to pay back for purchasing a home he didn’t need he did it to assist the Guerra family and they made no attempt as to physically come up with any plan to get their home back. The supreme court gave the Guerra family enough time to provide an official payment plan to Mr Vega so as to assist them in recuperating their home. They have live rent free and even though they verbally said they could pay Mr Vega what was due to him they had over 6 mths and nothing was ever provided to the court on their behalf to show good faith that they would give Mr Vega back the money that he had spent in helping the Guerra’s. With Mr Vega purchasing the home they had another 1 1/2 yrs to try to get their home back if a stranger had purchased at auction they would have had no extra time. Mr Vega did give them enough grace period but as I said they just wanted the home because of the Guerra’s emotional ties they didn’t intent to pay Mr Vega his investment. Its seems they wanted the home free of cost due to family ties.

Its sad that because you are rich or politically affiliated you can be victimized in this country especially with today’s FBK & other media networks that don’t do their homework before commenting on one side of the story. its sad that for trying to help family you get slandered but that why I always say don’t mix family and money this is what happens.



Please keep in mind, we are NOT insinuating politics, picking sides or anything of the sorts here; just putting it out there.

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