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Marijuana is better for you than lighting up a cigarette. Cigarettes have things like tar and other unnatural things that will turn your lungs black and give you cancer, while marijuana doesn’t. The difference is a) marijuana affects you more, b) cigarettes are legal, and c) there are no deaths recorded that have come from Marijuana alone.


Most street marijuana has been laced with other chemicals, like rat poison and other insecticides. These increase the feeling of intoxication. Obviously, if a chemical would kill another form of life, it would not be good for you. You need to suspect any street drug of containing harmful chemicals.

It’s possible to overdose on anything, even water, but a person is physically unable to kill themselves by smoking or using marijuana by itself. You cannot get THC (active ingredient in marijuana) into your blood stream fast enough to overdose and furthermore you would pass out from lack of oxygen long before you’d OD from smoking. If you compare marijuana to alcohol or tobacco, it isn’t even close which is more harmful. Alcohol and tobacco killed over 5.5 MILLION people last year.

And this is where regulation steps in. If people want to buy and sell legally they will need to have their merchandise inspected, leading to natural MJ instead of the chemical laced variants.

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English: Close up shot of some high quality marijuana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The definitive study of the long-term health effects of marijuana to date was done by Kaiser Permanente. They surveyed the health records of 65,000 patients over a long period of time. They found no significant differences in the health records of pot smokers versus people who did not smoke pot. ref

I truly don’t believe marijuana is bad for you. It’s a tool, if one knows how to use it. It can be very beneficial, but if one doesn’t, it can ruin your life. Similar to all other drugs, prescribed and legal or not. In fact, marijuana has never been proven to have killed anyone on its own. Compare that to alcohol and it makes you wonder how one thing so dangerous can be legal and another that has proven to be a lot less dangerous to your life.

Most of the things you hear about marijuana are myths. One piece of evidence that anti-drug agencies use in defense of it being illegal is that it contains over 1000 chemicals, some of which are cancer causing agents. But, the fact is, most things do. Coffee, for example, contains 800 chemicals. 16 of these chemicals were tested on lab animals and ended up giving them cancer. But, coffee is considered relatively safe, even healthy in some regards.

Although smoking marijuana can cause harm to our lungs, so can smoking cigarettes. Marijuana has a lot of positive effects in our world such as treating a source of pain relief for cancer patients and reducing the expectancy of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re going to smoke marijuana, you need to do it responsibly, know where you’re getting it from, and if you can trust the person you’re getting it from. Don’t walk out on a corner of a street trying to buy it. That’s where you fine people who will poison you for profit. Instead, make friends with someone who you know so you will always be safe. It’s no different then being a responsible drinker.

There are many opinions about marijuana and other such things that are made out to seem “bad” by society. Yes, if marijuana is smoked it causes cancer, but then again, what in the world doesn’t cause cancer? It is obvious that marijuana is bad for you. Smoke is bad in general, whether it be marijuana, cigarettes, BBQ, or chimney smoke. But, that doesn’t necessarily make the other effects of things bad. There are so many effects in so many things and not all of them can possibly be all good or all bad. What effects outweigh the others are all opinions. There are so many facts you can find that both support and demoralize everything, you can’t possibly believe what you read any more; everything contradicts everything else and you end up in circles.

I have come to the conclusion that every move we make in our lives, it will result in damage to our body.

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