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I was reading some articles on the internet about the effects of prescription drugs and how they affect our families. It is really interesting to know that there is so much information out there that we choose to ignore because we have been thought that the doctors are always right. One of the most dangerous ones are the drugs that are given to children for what is marketed as ADD/ADHD.

I think this is very important information that all parents should know. Parents, you need to start researching what you are being told by the medical professionals before you agree to move on with their suggestions.

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We have been on an on-going trip to become like the US society and we need to stop, the US is all about making a quick $ from everyone and not caring how they do it. IT is amazing that some doctors have taken a stand to make the dangers of drugs known to those that choose to learn.

As quoted by one of the doctor’s… The biggest factor when deciding if someone has ADD/ADHD are:

Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat.


Most factors that are used to determine if someone has this disease are more than common in normal activity for children.”

I liked the comment that the teacher’s made that they can tell that a child was watching TV before they came to school due to their behavior.

I will stop now and let you get to the real data.


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