Third Party…

I’ve had several discussions with people as of late about this topic and though it would be good to put my personal thought and ideas together and post it. While I do believe that a solid third party is needed in Belize, I must point out the some of the more obvious problems that are stopping that from being a viable solution at this time. (When I say We the people, I mean Belizeans not a political party.)

  1. We the people always call for change, “We need a new party!”, “We need change!” we say, but when the time comes to show support of this new party, many rarely show up to take the challenge.
  2. Most of the parties forming up are either made up of people that garner little to no respect in their community, talk ridiculousness regarding their reason for running, or are past members of another party. (This one in itself is enough to kill a party before it is born.)
  3. We the people are not educated enough to know what can and can’t be done by the Government and so we take their promises as face value and most of the times it basically us being told what we want to hear.
  4. Most Belizeans have been raised in the ideology that you must belong to one party and one party only. Brainwashing and persuasion have cornered us into thinking that we must be party fanatics and die-hard supporters. This is not true, you must start making your own choices and be free about it, this starts with voting for the better choice and not the party.

Like my grand-father used to say…

Put a mule in a suit and let it run for XXX and I will vote for it before I vote for the other party.

I always laugh and wonder why this was and still is the mentality of a lot of people. We must change that way of being for real change to occur. We need to start being revolutionaries from within and start to decide our own fate.


Just my 2 cents..
One People, One Destiny.

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