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8 thoughts on “The road we’re on and where it leads…

  • Karen Bodden

    It was rather sad reading your Blog and being forced to flashback as we are already experiencing the status you so eloquently described. Belize now have a government that refuses to listen to the people; they are too arrogant to do so. Decisions are made by a small group of individuals (Cabinet) who are so far detached from the people that they no longer understand their needs nor hear their cries. Our democracy is under threat while the masses either remains in ignorant bliss or busy scratching out a living. Either way they are in a very weak position to demand respect from their government. Those who are in a stronger position, unfortunately, are too busy pursuing self interest to pay heed to the slippery slope upon which we have embarked. Disagreeing with GOB = victimization.

  • creolbuay

    The sad part is that the people have no clue what is right under their feet. The system in Belize has been cultured in such a way that the Govt gets full power and can manipulate things to get what they want; people have been thought or brainwashed if you will over time to not be able to think for themselves but rather believe what they are told.

    Our education system, despite being one of the better in the hemisphere has failed us miserably in not teaching people about the constitution or the laws of Belize. People cannot make decisive choices because they simply lack the mental capacity to do so. Another atrocity is that despite the need for change it will not happen because the third parties are following suit on the same road as the parties of old.

    • Daniel Correa

      I congratulate such manner of exposition. Eloquence is the means of understanding of only a few… The most of which, needs to be in simple terms. To educate is to redeem, nevertheless, eloquency is not the means but rather a seed in barren grounds. As the subject expresses “Right in your backyard” these are the terms in need to describe Police State, Dictatorship and Kleptocracy and thereby the vast majority of our people would be educated effectively. Enhance continuing education with words and terms that are legible to everyone from all means of educational background. I hope, I’m not preaching to the choir, but rather, dedicated people to turn around the wrongly mode by which our people, for decades, have wrongly chosen to chose government. Ignorance is a state of mind, education with simple terms is a mind for our state.

  • FiWeBelize Post author

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. I try to keep it real and direct. It has always been my ideology that whenever something is conversed or documented, that it should be done in a way that anyone can relate and understand.

    Too many time have we been fed data that is simply not digestible so we make the best of it as we can and tend to go with that, most of the times it is completely in reverse of what we thought we understood.

    Today we are faced with the meager choices of the lesser of two evils and we simply cannot afford to continue down this path. It is my understanding and belief that it is us that know better that need to step up to the plate and provide a means for those less fortunate since those that should will never do it as doing so will remove their stronghold… Keeping the people ignorant.