The Radical Middle in Belize 2

Politics is stagnant in Belize today. We need to break through the stale debates and self-serving non-solutions that are coming from both political parties.

That’s where us radicals in the middle come in to attempt to break out of that stuckness in a fresh and principled way. We consist of everyone who’s bold and yet savvy enough to want idealism without illusions — a fresh and hopeful vision that doesn’t fall into the old political trap, as many others do.

Us in the radical middle look to the present and future. We live in a new era dominated by high technology and “knowledge work” and disappearing borders, and we need a political system that’s appropriate for our new time.

We need politics that’s “radical” in the sense that it addresses fundamental public policy issues in ways that are honest and imaginative and creative — but “middle” in the sense that it doesn’t aspire to overthrow corporations or representative democracy. It is committed to finding practical, humane, and thoroughgoing answers to the very real problems we face on a daily basis.

Some points on what I’m talking about:

  • Maximize opportunities for ALL BELIZEANS
  • A guarantee to a fair start in life for ALL BELIZEANS
  • Maximize the human potential of ALL BELIZEANS
  • Offer genuine help to ALL BELIZEANS
  • Provide a solid education base for ALL BELIZEANS

There is a hunger for a New Political Era where Government works for the people and is not afraid of transparency and working hand in hand with the people.

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