The New Bill Gates Vaccine is Not as Safe as They Say

Yesterday Reuters put out an article that praises MenAfrivac which is a vaccine that fights meningitis in places such as Africa where the disease is more common due to various reasons such as lack of medical treatment. They really went out of their way to point out the good this vaccine has done.


The thing is, they forgot to mention this:

This is a French written article in a journal called “La Voix” out of Chad where this incident took place. I will provide a partial translation of what happened, the translation comes from and it has been verified by several people including myself.

On December 20, 2012, a vaccination tragedy hit the small village of Gouro, located in northern Chad, Africa. According to the newspaper La Voix, out of five hundred children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed. Those children also suffered hallucinations and convulsions.

Since this report, the true extent of this tragedy is coming to light, as parents of these vaccinated children have reported yet more injuries. The authorities in the area are shaken, as citizens set fire to a sanitary administration vehicle in a demonstration of their frustration and anger at the government’s negligence.

Source for translation

Five hundred children were vaccinated and 40 of them ended up being paralyzed. As previously mentioned there were many other adverse effects such as hallucinations and convulsions. Many of the children had to be evacuated 350 miles in order to receive proper care. Poor countries are often used as testing grounds for these vaccines due to the fact the people doing the testing can almost always get away with these side effects happening without suffering consequences.

If you go to check out the press release they plan on using MenAfriVac  in 26 different African countries.

Costing less than US$0.50 per dose, the innovative vaccine that is manufactured by Serum Institute of India Ltd. (SIIL) has dramatically reduced disease burden in the first countries to introduce it, according to recently-published findings. MenAfriVac ® is the first vaccine designed specifically to help health workers eliminate meningococcal A epidemics from Africa’s “meningitis belt,” which includes 26 countries from Senegal to Ethiopia.


The World Health Organization supports this vaccine on their website as well.


We have various organizations such as the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supporting  MenAfriVac  since day one and I have been keeping track of this story since the very beginning and have not come across any acknowledgement from the guilty parties for what has happened to these children. This incident was silenced rather quickly, and I am guessing that money was a factor…not just in Chad but other testing grounds as well since this is common practice, money can fix almost any problem.

Many of us are already aware that the vaccine industry is a major money maker, but many people forget about the eugenics agenda. Many rich famous people openly call for world depopulation. Bill Gates and Ted Turner are two of the most notorious. I believe that many of these vaccines may cause diseases that make us ill later in life such as cancer for example.

Here is Bill Gates speaking about depopulating the world agenda:

(If you are impatient skip to around 2:45 of the video but I suggest you watch the whole clip)

Here’s the full talk Gates did on TED

I have heard many different individual interpretations of what he said and in which context it was said, but in my opinion it’s pretty clear what he meant.

The whole purpose of this post was to notify everyone about the latest vaccine push that is being unleashed upon the people of Africa…does anyone remember the Polo Vaccine they used in Africa?  This is not only happening in Africa as the practice of testing vaccines on poor people happens all over the world in places such as India and even some European countries too.

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