The Belizean Dream, Lost in Corruption 6

This is something I wrote up a while back but never published. Thought I’d share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

It all started back in the colonial days when our fore fathers tried to get their political freedom from the motherland. While we were surviving on our own, we were getting orders from the base in Jamaica. After many years of struggling with trying to be free from this system, they got semi-independent by having little councils and town boards that were controlled by the wealthy or someone who had a certain amount of land, which was not easily obtained without money.

The struggle went on for years, until on day Mr. George C. Price decided he had enough of seeing his Belizean brothers and sisters working like slaves for a penny here and there; he had a dream . Words crossed, people gathered and the decision was made; they would follow him and the dream would become a reality. This dream was to have a better life, a better society, better homes and above all, full independence. Our little country has come a long way since then, Independence in 1981; some parts of the dream have realized themselves. Unfortunately so have the people that followed in his footsteps, the politicians.

The problem here is that while everything was moving forward the real dream remained with the time when it was conceived. These days corruption has taken the empty spot where the dream existed. There was only one other man that fully comprehended the dream and saw it, but he could not see the society, the people or the environment. This was none other than the late Hon. Philip S.W. Goldson, a blind soul that really wanted to take the torch and light it again. His vision was struck down because it was an anti-corruption way of being. He was later to be booted out of his party that he started alongside Dean Lido for their beliefs and honesty to the people. So far there has only been a handful of people that have really gotten politics right and did the job the people put them there. These people are being left in the shadows of corruption and the people’s ignorance.

We need to feel this dream again, hold it in our hands, see it, and live it. We have to stop these people with dreams of getting rich and manipulating us for theirs and their cronies pockets. We need a party to get us to live the dream, a better society, a better economy, equality, justice, more and better jobs. We need a government that will not be afraid to accept their wrong, take our opinions, understand that our needs are what the real issues are based on, not theirs or their thought of what we need, we need a government that lives in the light and not in the shadows, remember what happens in the darkness one day will be brought into light. Our current politicians are a bunch of Hoodlums, and squandering thieves that do nothing more than take advantage of a society of peaceful loving people that allows them the freedom to make whatever decision they want without regard to the effects they have on our society, economy and ultimately our future survival.

While these players sit in their offices alongside their cronies, conjuring what trick they will play on us next so they can rob us of our tax money that should be used to better our economy, our society and our children’s futures. While we take a beating trying to survive day by day, trying to pay the bills, feed the family, keeping the kids in school, trying to provide them a decent life and home; all while keeping within the spending limit of a minimum wage pay.

If we would only realize that we hold their fates in our hands, we can make change happen instead of waiting until the UDP or PUP decide to help us. We as a society need to make some sacrifices for ourselves and for the future, learn to see your neighbor as a brother or sister. We need to start using the extended family system like we did back in the day when the community took pride in themselves and helped each other when they could and was always looking out for the children so they could grow up to be positive members of society.

Government should heed our warnings. They need to find the dream, take it in and start to live it. They need to remove corruption from their agenda, stop filling their cronies pockets so they in turn call fill theirs. Belize and the opportunities are for all Belizeans not just yours and your cronies. Hold out your hand and help the common Belizean to help them selves. They need to learn to co-exist with the common Belizean not just around election time but on a day to day basis, we need to know that you are involved in your communities and are one with your people.

Bring back the dream….

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6 thoughts on “The Belizean Dream, Lost in Corruption

  • Mary Toy

    I believe the independent parties are trying to take Belize back to its pre-corruption days and to create a better Belize for every single Belizean, not just the ones who already have too much but still want more.

    I know the PNP is trying its best to come up with workable and realistic goals and policies. You can see their Constitution, party principles and national goals on their Facebook page at

    They know that as an independent party they won’t be able to effect a lot of national changes right away, but they’ve pledged to work for them, and having some honest people in government is better than having none at all. Also, if the independents can win even just a few seats and the PUDP splits the rest, the independents could actually end up controlling the government.

    So, take a look and don’t be afraid to vote for change. That vote may be the only hope we have left.

    • cayobuay

      Thanks for the feedback Mary.

      I agree, the third parties are doing the right thing. It is my belief that for us to have a true balance in our current system of Govt., we need to have at least one member from a third party and hopefully we can have more. True representation does not come when two sides with basically the same agenda to control the future of a nation and disregard the needs of the people run the show.

      It is also my belief that our political system is created to be a two part stepladder where both sides depend on each other for survival; when what we really need is a three legged stool. Our current political system has equal players with a basically identical system of ideologies. Having a third representation forces them to rethink this strategy and put the people first.

      I must point out however that we must start with education. People are ignorant to their rights, their constitution and the laws of the land. Our education system has failed to create people that can vote for and fight for their rights by not teaching them what those rights are. The politicians know this fact and they use it to their advantage. So then, it is up to us, the one’s that know; to enlighten those that don’t so that we can really start to travel on the road to a prosperous future.

      It is my hope that this election day in 2013, the people will realise that they can no longer afford to sit back with their arms crossed; waiting for the Government to give them a handout or a bunch of false promises just because it is what they want to hear. What I would love to see is a final tally that would bring our representation to layout as follows…

      Worst case scenario: One independent party representative and the rest divided equally between the UDP and PUP.
      Best case scenario: 5+ independent party representatives and the rest equally divided between the UDP and PUP.

      What this does is give the people a voice. Even if the remaining seats are not evenly distributed, it does create a scenario where the policy makers will have to start doing things differently if they want to gain the vote of the third party representatives.

      Whit that in mind, I would like to see more participation for the third party representatives on issues affecting the nation.. Heading out to homes and talking to people directly, going out to markets, involving themselves in community events. Become one with the people is what we need a representative to do.

      A quote of mine goes.. “When the work is done, a true leader will not be distinguishable from those he/she leads for he/she will be one with them.”

      • tim

        Nice article. It’s so unfortunate that our society is already brainwashed that there’s only two parties in Belize – UDP and PUP. PNP needs to educate the society, but nothing comes cheap. Unfortunately, the current government has hands on cash for campaign and has the power to move people around – giving cash, land etc..

        So, it’s going to be a struggle for PNP Or any third party to run in the race.. But, it all start from that party going house to house and EDUCATE our already brainwashed community! There is still hope in Belize and I am sure with one PNP rep in the house, Belizeans can see that a third party can make a change!!

        Good Luck! and I Am sure to vote for a third party!!

    • Drew Travers

      Mary Toy… it is incredibly helpful to read your comments… and gives much perspective to those of us who haven’t been here quite as long as you. And Charles, as always, your insights are the best. Keep it up!

      • FiWeBelize Post author

        I agree Drew, Mary does provide a keen angle on things that many would not see or think of sharing and she does shed a different light than most Belizeans would by not having the external exposure.

  • FiWeBelize Post author

    I agree Tim, we have been brainwashed to think that this two sided ladder is the only choice we have when in reality there is so much more to be had. We need to break away from the my parents voted red or blue so I have to vote red or blue or the fanaticism. Look around us, how many families have been hurt or broken because of political gang fights? (that’s all it boils down to a legal gang)… How many people have died for party colors?

    The problem with 3rd parties from my point of view is that they are slowly becoming what they started off hating. For anything to change there needs to be a constant battle against ignorance and complacency.

    The thing is that parties tend to leave all the campaigning and fighting for the people until elections are almost upon us. This is one of the first things that need to change, there needs to be a constant campaigning and re-education of the people, only when this is accomplished will people start to realize that they CAN have a better society, a better country… A better Life.

    The second problem is that many 3rd parties have historically fought a short battle and gave in to defeat in a small battle instead of sticking it out to win the war. You can afford to loose battles, what you must never give up on is the war.

    I think that any politician that is aspiring for office needs to step back for a moment, look at what the forefathers saw in this land and these people and bring back that dream and desire. The will to honestly serve the people and not themselves, then ability to say… I do not need a fancy ride or house, I do not need lots of money or fame; what I need is to have the respect and dignity of a brother. I need to be one of the people, humble and loving.

    The way to accomplish most of this re-education is to target the young ones.. Target the youth and the children.. If they get your message, they will pass it on to their families, their friends and so on and so forth.. Together this can be done, the problem is that once people get into the political arena, too quickly they loose their valor and reason for being and start to think like a politician.

    Standing out and being a true champion is hard, the fight is nasty and hellish but one must keep their composure so that people will see them for what they want to be, true representation, true leadership.