The Belizean Condition 1

Belizeans have a condition that is hard to put a name on.  The symptoms?

  • Always want to be like somebody else.
  • Always want Government to solve all their problems without having to do anything on our end.
  • Always want to be better than another Belizean no matter what the cost.
  • Someone tries to help your children stay on the right path and you start cussing that person out or want to beat them up.
  • Your child is involved in bad things or with bad people and you praise them no matter what. You even want to knock it out with the police to defend your child.
  • Always want to move ahead but refuse to do our part to aide in the movement.
  • Always call for change and when the time comes for us to step up, we somehow forget that we needed change. It’s like the time old Belizean proverb “Joncrow only memba ih need wah house when it rain.

We have been raised in a life where the political system dictates our lives, it dictates how we see things, how we react to certain things; it even dictates how we decide who we put in control of our futures.

For the past 30 years, issues have been growing without any checks and balances being put in place to ensure they were kept under control. Crime is at an all time high, as is poverty, STD’s and teen pregnancies; corruption is now an expectation of our Govt.

Belize is controlled by a few people that we allow to run our lives. They do as they please because we allow them to, they do it because we have allowed Govt to reverse roles on us. When Govts were created, they were created to work on behalf of the people and that the people controlled the power; in essence, the people were the Govt. For us, it is the other way around… Govt controls all the power, they make whatever decisions they want and they do it in their best interest and the best interest of their friends and family circles.

Belizeans need to find the cure to this condition, take two and call me in the morning. Realize that you control the power, it is time to take the reigns as we rightfully should be doing and lead the horses down the path we want to go. Far too long have we put the cart before the horse. Ensure that when you vote, you vote for the right person for the job; do not vote for a party just because it is what your family has always done, do not vote for a person because they do a favor for you. Think about this, how many more people are they doing favors for or rather how many friends, families and companies they will be doing favors for once they get into office.

When you decide who to vote for, think about how much you’ve seen the people working in the community, how many times you’ve seen them co-mingling with the constituents, think about how much they have done outside of their political run that has contributed to the communities they will represent.

With that being said, the condition also includes personal failings. We as a community need to start doing our part to bring the change we need in our country, we need to stop sitting on our behinds and start working towards the life we want.  Far too long have we remained dormant, allowing ourselves to become complacent with our situation and slowly sinking deeper while a few continue to live off our hard work and taxes. I think it is high time that we stand up and start carrying our own loads, time to stand up and start to make our own little changes. Once we start doing that, we will start noticing changes in our lives as well as our communities.

  • Start trying to live more on less.
  • Plant a garden in your back yard.
  • Start collecting rain water for doing your laundry, watering your garden and other uses.
  • Start neighborhood watches, look out for one another.
  • Become active in your children’s upbringing and please allow for a concerned person to speak to you about your child’s behavior when they are out of your line of vision.
  • Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.
  • Start working with your local police to fight crime.
  • Start keeping your money in the country and start supporting local businesses. Try a staycation at a place in Belize you’ve never been to, buy locally produced items instead of imported ones.

These are only a few of the things we can start doing to make a difference in our lives, our communities and our country. As the famous JFK said “Ask not what you country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

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One thought on “The Belizean Condition

  • williams. nduka.

    Its tru n if we want Victory we haveto fight for jstice bt if we dnt, we jus as well fold ourarms n c mayhem reveal its biggest secret. Williams Nduka. J-Coozy.
    As a politician it’s a great pride to do wats rite n as a citizen it should be an honour to serve n respect other leaders. God will strenghten you all bcaz noone is perfect. May God protect you, all dis i ask in the mighty name of Jesus . Amen……
    d problem in dis country ifi may talk is outright stupidity. they disegard d most hectic situations n deal with bullshitz. n if we talk out speak out publicly how we feel. if u n i can meet 1 of dis dayz n solidarate dis issue it will bring a stop 2 d situation in our belizean community. bt in d other hand lets also be anti-homosexality. all d whole bullshithas to b put to a full stop. dig?