St. George’s Caye

Attention Government and People of Belize 1

By:Joaquin Magaña Sr. What Everyone, Especially Mr. Elrington And GOB Should Know: That History Discards The Unfounded And Void Guatemalan Claim Over Belize!!! In 1838 – 1839 the United Provinces of Central America broke up giving rise to the new countries of Central America. Guatemala Claimed that Belize was administered by Spain as part of the Captaincy of Guatemala and that they had inherited this sovereignty, as a result of the breakup of the federation. They say Belize was passed to Guatemala, since Belize had been considered part of Peten or Verapaz region of Guatemala. The fact is that there […]

Happy September 10th Belize

As we celebrate the annual victory over the Spaniards on this our 10th Day of September, I’d like to remind Belizeans not to forget what the day is really about. Yes we celebrate but it’s not about the drinking and partying. It’s about celebrating the defining point of the Belize we know today, the struggle that our past lived through to survive as a fledgling Nation. At 1:00 p.m. the afternoon of Sept 10th 1798 , the Spaniards and British lined up off St. George’s Caye. The Spaniards stormed through the channel, and at 1:30 engaged the British in a […]

Definition of Belize 1

This is the description of what constitutes Belize as a nation. Please make sure you are paying attention to the laws and constitution.Know your rights so that you can stand up to the powers of Tyranny and Oppression. We will be posting more of this type of information as the days go by. The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. Maximilien Robespierre