Belize Senate is Failing Belize

According to Senator for the Business Community, Mark Lizarraga, the Belize Senate as it is performing at this time in our nation’s history is “suffering from an urgent crisis of the erosion of public confidence in governance in our jewel Belize!” He made those comments at the last sitting of the Senate in his attempts to appeal to the senate, to do its job and launch an investigation into the recent scandals that have been aired in the public domain. Mr. Mark Lizarraga- Senator for the Private Sector “Section 8 reads that ‘the senate shall have the power of requiring […]

Contitution of Belize – The Senate 2

61.-(1) Subject to subsection (2), the Senate shall consist of twelve members (in this Constitution referred to as “Senators”) who shall be appointed by the Governor-General in accordance with the provisions of this section. (2) If any person who is not a Senator is selected to be President of the Senate he shall, by virtue of holding the office of President, be a Senator in addition to the twelve Senators referred to in subsection (1).(3) The President of the Senate shall have a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes in respect of any business at a […]

When the Senate of Belize played to bypass a call for Investigation into Criminal Activity

With all the current issues ongoing with the Corruption in the Immigration Department where Mr Penner sold Belizean Citizenship to a Criminal in Jail which has blown up int the face of the current UDP Government. It seems to us that the PM is doing all he can to cover it up and to make the problem go away. On the 5th of November in a Sitting of the Senate where an Investigation was called for, it seems that the person sitting at the table in the center of the floor leaning over and in a low tone tell the […]


Belize is our treasure and due to the ever-present human traits of greed and selfishness, successive PUPD administrations have taken our nation down a path of deception and manipulation, which has led to self-enrichment at the expense of “regular Belizeans”. To this reality, neither side of the PUDP equation is exempt. In the process of making Belize a better place, steeped in the foundations of good governance practises, I state unabashedly and unequivocally “THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS!” What occurred yesterday during the Senate meeting was testimony to precisely what the system allows for. Indeed, by way of PUP led […]

How a Bill becomes a Law in Belize

There are several stages a Bill goes through before becoming law. The stages ensure that a Bill is subject to public debate and scrutiny and also subject to changes or to be amended. The stages a Bill goes through include the following: Introduction and First Reading of Bills Standing Committee Second Reading of Bills Committee of the Whole House Third Reading of Bills Consideration of Bill by the Senate Governor General’s Assent Introduction and First Reading of Bills During its introduction, the Member who is in charge of the Bill reads the preamble (Long Title) and gives a brief statement […]