San Pedro Town

Police Report for Friday March 21 2014

BELIZE DISTRICT THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE Ana Maria Westby of Vista del Mar, Ladyville reported that on Thursday 20.03.14 about 5:45p.m. she visited the Body 2000 Gym on Coney Drive, Belize City leaving her Mazda Tribute parked on Scaloop Avenue which is the street beside the gym, properly secured. She went into the Gym where she was informed at about 6:50pm that her vehicle was broken into. She made check and found that the left passenger’s glass window valued $400.00bcy was completely broken. Stolen from inside her vehicle were personal items and cash valued at $2,600.00Bcy. Police Investigations continues. THEFT […]

Victims of alleged police brutality in San Pedro call for justice

Three residents including a female, along with their families and the wider community of San Pedro Town, are calling for “justice” into what they call plain view “brutality” and use of “unnecessary” force by police officers attached to the San Pedro Police Formation. The officers include a woman police constable (WPC) and a corporal of police who were off duty, out of uniform and drinking minutes prior to the incident unfolded. The incident erupted in the wee hours of Monday December 17th and the actions of the lawmen were done in plain view of many residents, some of whom captured […]

McAfee on the Run; Prime Suspect in Murder of US Citizen

Mon, November 12, 2012 – By 7News Tonight, Belize is making major international headlines because the controversial US and British citizen John McAfee is wanted for questioning in connection with a murder. It happened north of San Pedro sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The victim is McAfee’s neighbor – and as we found out, they weren’t friendly neighbors. Here’s more in our lead story:… Jules Vasquez reporting This is the home in the Mata Chica Area of Northern Ambergris Caye where 52 year old American Gregory Viant Faull lived. When the maid got there yesterday morning at 7:20, […]

Hon. Gaspar Vega: No Apologies For "Giving" Land To Family

Thu, August 2, 2012 Last night on the news, you heard the PUP making the case that two UDP Ministers, Gaspar Vega and Rene Montero had given their family members lavish parcels of land easily and inexpensively. Today, we caught up with Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega in his role as Minister of Agriculture. He was in Blue Creek for a Cattle Sweep – and, thus, had the misfortune of being the first public official to stage an impromptu press conference under a cattle shed. But no matter the circumstance, he was obliging, and remarkably candid about land that he […]

Memories of St. George's Caye 1

By John Rozel Cuthbert Oft have I lain in those dear days of old And watched the sunlight play with wanton glee Among the palm fronds, and, with beams of gold, Make a myriad twinkles on a dimpling sea. The waving music of the palms aloft, The long blue rollers breaking on the reef, Like distant thunder, muffled, deep and soft, Soothed me to slumber, sent my soul relief.

Missing – Delvin Galvez and Stephanie Mejia

Two people have been reported missing, and the police and worried family members are appealing to the general public for assistance in locating their loved ones. In the first, instance Roaring Creek resident Delvin Galvez, 38, disappeared a week ago. According to police reports, Galvez left home in the company of a Hispanic man on Thursday, March 22 and has not been seen or heard from since. Delvin Galvez, also known as “Peelie” is of brown complexion and stands five feet four inches tall. He wears an afro hair style and has a tear drop tattoo below his right eye. […]