Prensa Libre

Guatemala's Tactics to confuse Belizeans 1

Reading the Prensa Libre, I came across this article, it seems to me it’s more about confusing people than anything else.  It’s a lengthy article but worth the time so you can understand what it is we are getting into. The Spanish Version Preocupa a Guatemala traba a referendo con Belice Autoridades guatemaltecas expresaron su preocupación debido a que Belice modificó su legislación sobre referendos  y puso un mínimo de 60 por ciento de votantes registrados para que la consulta popular de octubre próximo sea válida. CIUDAD DE GUATEMALA – El Gobierno y la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA)  […]

Sugar Shortage Explained

7 News Belize Last year Belize experienced an acute sugar shortage – very sad for a country that produces sugar in abundance. The subtext to the entire episode was the fact that sugar was being smuggled out of Belize to be sold at a premium in Guatemala and Mexico. It’s the kind of thing where everyone knew what was up but no one could say for sure how it was happening. But a bust of contraband sugar in Guatemala has blown the whole thing open. On Saturday, Guatemalan authorities seized a truck carrying 140 sacks of smuggled white sugar from […]

Confusion in Jalacte – Guats Cry Foul On BDF

Confusion in Jalacte/Santa Cruz Adjacency Zone; Guats Cry Foul On BDF. According to a report earlier this week in The Guatemalan Daily, LA Prensa Libre, Guatemalan farmers living in the village of Santa Cruz, which abuts Jalacte in southern Belize, are complaining to their government that on Saturday, December 18th, a group of around 11 Belizean soldiers entered the adjacency zone and destroyed 9 of their corn fields that were at the point of being harvested. According to the report in La Prensa Libre, the BDF patrol was from a lookout post located 300 meters from Cruz in San Luis, […]