Pan American Health Organization

2012 Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for Belize – Ministry of Health

Acronyms CNCD Chronic non-communicable Diseases INCAP Nutrition Institute of Central America and Panama FAO Food and Agriculture Organization CFNI Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute Kcal kilocalorie FBDG Food Based Dietary Guideline HECOPAB Health Education and Community Participation Bureau QUADS Quality Assurance Development Services PAHO Pan American Health Organization BAHA Belize Agricultural Health Authority HFLE Health and Family Life Education INSTITUTIONS REPRESENTED IN THE MULTI-SECTORAL GROUP Ministry of Health Nutrition Unit Public Health Unit Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Ministry of Agriculture National Food & Nutrition Security Commission Ministry of Education School Health Unit Quality […]

Dengue Fever, what you should know…

Seeing that it is currently spreading in Belize we thought it would be a good topic to post today. Educating yourself on this disease will prove to be beneficial to you and the people around you. We tend to depend on the health departments to figure out ways ensure we are safe from these diseases, however it should fall on us to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and clean and that we do not provide places for mosquitoes to breed. Like everything else we must take this matter seriously and make the first step to prevent it from spreading. […]