Government Pays for Nothing

By: Hubert Pipersburgh Belize today a self-mutilating, cannibalizing system of governance and jurisprudence led by career minded, corrupt, unprincipled, lawyer politicians. The people have been trained from the inception of the nation that the clientele patronage system of currying favor for votes is the right and only way to sustainable development. Many say they are sick and tired of it, yet the only solutions they offer are shrouded within the narrow trajectory of bitter partisan divide. As a people we are captured by our own imagination. We have been bred to believe that the way forward lies within the benevolence […]

Entries in the constitution regarding land acquisition

This is an entry for acquiring land. Please make sure you are paying attention to the laws and constitution. Know your rights so that you can stand up to the powers of Tyranny and Oppression. We will be posting more of this type of information as the days go by. The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. Maximilien Robespierre ACT CHAPTER 184 – LAWS OF BELIZE PART I I Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Abandonment of Acquisition 3.-(1) Whenever the Minister considers that any land should be acquired for […]