Mass registration in Ladyville 2

News 5 Another round of mass naturalization is scheduled to take place this week in Belmopan to beat the February twentieth deadline for registration of new voters. There have been two recent swear-in ceremonies; the last was on Friday, when more than five hundred took the oath in Belmopan as full-fledged Belizeans.  The granting of citizenship so close to an election has raised a firestorm from the public; the government which condemned a similar exercise when it was in opposition, now finds nothing unusual or unlawful and according to the Prime Minister, the practice is as ancient as the hills. […]

Election Rush: 500plus Naturalizations Of New Citizens In One Week 3

Today, a rush of immigrants wanting to be new Belizeans swarmed the immigration office in Belmopan. 300 of them were scheduled to be naturalized at ceremonies held this afternoon at the George Price center. That’s after 225 were naturalized last week Friday. Make no mistake, this is what typically happens in the run-up to an election – where only Belizean citizens can vote. Registration has been opened to the 20th. to facilitate new registrants – and before that we may even have another naturalization ceremony. The undue haste to naturalize these new Belizeans has stirred controversy and raised eyebrows, but […]