A Crisis in Guatemala, Abetted by the U.N.

In the struggle to defeat transnational crime in Central America, the U.S. is financing a United Nations prosecutorial body in Guatemala. Yet these U.N. prosecutors are thumbing their noses at the rule of law and seem to be using their power to politicize the Guatemalan judiciary. This is dividing and destabilizing a pivotal democracy in the region. The fragile Guatemalan state is in the crosshairs of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and Cuba’s Gen. Raúl Castro. If their allies seize control of Mexico’s southern neighbor via its institutions, as Daniel Ortega has done in Nicaragua, it will have implications for Mexican […]

Brainwashed – Chained by Illusion

Best ending segment ever so far on Breaking The Set. 3+ minute Video should give you chills. Do Americans prefer living within the ‘Grand Illusions’ perpetuated by NPR or other msm networks and parroted by the masses? Even if you approach intelligent folk & show them concrete evidence of what is reality, given the extreme nature of situations, will most just succumb to ‘normalcy bias’ and refuse to believe you? If you ACTUALLY get through to them, will they still just say that your being “negative”? Though Understanding & Knowledge is NOT what is negative. ESCAPISM from what is actually […]

NGC Presents : Russia's Toughest Prisons

For the first time, three prisons across Russia unlock their doors to an international film crew. Go inside a top security facility where cannibals, terrorists and killers live out the rest of their days, to Russia’s oldest prison, to a Siberian prison camp where temperatures linger at 50 below. Inside Black Dolphin prison, a cannibal reveals his crime, divulging how he boiled, fried and ate his victim. In infamous Vladimir Central, a convict opens up about killing his brother-in-law for disturbing his daughter’s peaceful night’s sleep. Inside Siberian Prison Camp 17, two friends are about to go their separate ways