Benque Speaks up to Contreras

It appears there’s unrest within the residents of Benque Viejo, residents not happy with their Minister with corruption issues fresh on their minds. The PM’s comments hit home for many in Benque Last night a group of residents posted several placards around the streets of Benque, expressing their discontentment with their area Minister. The police were seen this morning 7:30am taking pictures of the placard’s but didn’t take them down? Do they agree? It’s now assumed the Mayor will send town board workers to take them down? Yes confirmed by 10:00am the rights of residents in Benque to express their opinion were torn down by town board workers. […]

Ministry of Natural Resources undermining Dangriga Town Council

By News5 Belize There’s another land controversy brewing and the Dangriga Town Council says it is a deliberate attempt by the Ministry of Natural Resources to undermine and frustrate the Council and the people of Dangriga. In a nutshell, what we found out today is that parcel nine-nine-one near the main bridge in downtown Dangriga was sold to Anthony Adderly by government sometime around 2008. According to the Town Council, it was then decided that the land should be reserved for public use and the land was re-acquired from Adderly for four thousand dollars, the purchase price he had paid […]

Municipal Bond insider warns Belizeans

By Marisa Alamilla BEWARE Since June of 2012 the Mayor of Belize City, Darrel Bradley has been setting a launch date for the prospectus of a BZ$20.0m Municipal Bond. In finance a prospectus is a marketing document that describes the “offering” (Municipal Bonds) and commonly provides the potential investors (lenders) about the operation and viability of the entity making the bond offering which in this case is the Belize City Council (the borrower). Due to alleged greed on the part of insider traders who were preparing the prospectus, they walked away from the table because they allegedly wanted 5% of […]