Marcel Cardona

UnHappy Birthday Belize

I wanted to wait for the festivities to simmer down before I put my thoughts out to my fellow Belizeans. I do not know how you will receive my speech or how it will be scrutinized, but these are my heartfelt convictions. I heard some of the speeches and for the most part heard a lot of pretty flowers, shiny gems and smelt nice perfume that all masked the reality that our nation faces today, 33 years and a couple days old. I won’t go into the pretties too much, you know that is not me. My idea is to […]


UNCLAS BELMOPAN 000097 DEPT FOR WHA/CEN – CHRISTOPHER ASHE E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PGOV PREL PINR BH SUBJECT: CABINET RESHUFFLE OR POLITICAL PAYBACK? ¶1. Summary: Less than one week after the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) won a landslide victory in municipal elections, the Prime Minister (PM) has reshuffled his cabinet. These changes involve the removal of one Minister — Marcel Cardona, changed portfolios for three more, and the restructuring of two Ministries. While the move is widely seen as political payback and has raised criticism from the ousted Cardona, the overwhelming UDP majority is not likely to suffer from […]