Jules Vasquez

Hon. Gaspar Vega: No Apologies For "Giving" Land To Family

Thu, August 2, 2012 Last night on the news, you heard the PUP making the case that two UDP Ministers, Gaspar Vega and Rene Montero had given their family members lavish parcels of land easily and inexpensively. Today, we caught up with Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega in his role as Minister of Agriculture. He was in Blue Creek for a Cattle Sweep – and, thus, had the misfortune of being the first public official to stage an impromptu press conference under a cattle shed. But no matter the circumstance, he was obliging, and remarkably candid about land that he […]

Director Of Immigration Says It's All above Board

7NewsBelize Wed, January 18, 2012 Of course, the Director has a lot on her hands right now. She’s presiding over an office that is being besieged on a daily basis in the run-up to the close of registration. In fact, that office was open until the late hours last night working on the mad rush of applications for citizenship. Still, she’s not shrinking away from the tough questions, and that’s because she says nothing out of the way is happening – even if her staffers are processing applications ’round about midnight. She told us today that she is grateful that […]

More New Citizens Sworn In – Just In Time For Elections 3

7NewsBelize Wed, January 18, 2012 Today there was another swearing in of new Belizean citizens in Belmopan. Over 200 new citizens were sworn in at the George Price Center in Belmopan – making it about 750 new citizens naturalized in less than two weeks. The unseemly haste to process and naturalize has everything to do with elections, because only Belizean citizens can vote – and after these citizens are sworn in, the other rush will be to register them. Tonight we can report that – under these political pressures – things are sliding in all directions – mainly at the […]