History of Belize

Contractor and UDP Hopefull Bulldozes 2300 Year Old Mayan Temple 1

Something that seems to be a norm in Belize has made it’s way into the International Media’s eye. The senseless and ignorant destruction of our Belizean Heritage and History. Who caused the destruction? A political affiliate and aspirant for the UDP party Denny Grijalva. Quote from 7NewsBelize: The name we saw on the heavy equipment is D-Mar Construction – owned by Denny Grijalva, UDP hopeful for Orange Walk Central. Grijalva said he knew nothing about the project and referred us to his foreman who never answered at least a dozen calls we made to him. Then Grijalva said he would […]

Belize Timeline 2

1500 BC – 800 AD Maya civilization dominated Belize 1100’s – 1400’s (1123) Yucatec Maya overthrew the Itza-Maya (1487) Aztec sent spies to Belize for trade and political information 1500’s (1508) First Spanish excursions occurred, Maya resisted Spanish attempts to control (1511) Geronimo de Aguilar first Spaniard to arrive, settled at Chetumal Bay (1544) Spanish took over northern Belize (1546) Massive uprising threw Spanish out of Belize (1547) Spanish cousins, the Pechecos, and friends received Spanish Grant to Belize; tortured, killed villagers, burned homes (1567) Spanish from Yucatan organized conquest, destroyed anything related to Mayan culture (1568) Juan de Garzon’s forces destroyed Mayan communities in Belize as far south […]