Giovanni Brackett

COLA on Destruction of Maya Temple

News5 Belize May 13, 2013 It is not the first time that there has been destruction to Noh Mul. Our records show that in June 1998, similar destructive activity was reported by the Archeology Department on one of the smaller plazas. Fortunately, the damage was not as extensive as it is tonight to the main ceremonial plaza. But the motive is the same; the material is sought for road construction due to the scarcity of quarries in the north. In the absence of an immediate response from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and other relevant government agencies, Citizens Organized […]

New Belizean Revolution Starts 6

FiWeBelize stands with the movement to fight for our nation from a grassroots base. If 31 plus years of failures from both PUP and UDP is not enough to prove to you that the current system will only keep making things worst for us then I have no idea what will. Today more than ever WE “Common Belizeans” as Mr. Vega called us, MUST band together to make a difference for the future of the nation. We are at the brink of loosing our country to Guatemala and going Bankrupt to the International Banking System.  Until you the people decide […]