1977 Report on Uranium in Belize

Trying to see if there are any more recent reports on scans done with newer technologies, will do another post IF I find anything. IUREP N.P.S. No. 39 August 1977 Distr. LIMITED Original: ENGLISH International Atomic Energy Agency   INTERNATIONAL URANIUM RESOURCES EVALUATION PROJECT IUREP NATIONAL PAVOURABILITY STUDIES BELIZE (FORMER BRITISH HONDURAS) 1. INTRODUCTION (a) Geography Belize is a well-forested area of 22,960 square kilometers. Its capital is Belmopan. The country is generally flat north of the capital city. The flat, swampy Caribbean Coast of Belize gradually ascends to the low peaks of the Maya and Cockscomb Mountains (elevation to […]

GIS Popularized in Belize

7NewsBelize Wed, January 18, 2012 “Key to strategic business decisions”, that’s how Total Business Solutions, the driving force behind the introduction of GIS into Belize is describing the technology that some experts say is fundamental to the narrowing of the gap between first and third world countries. In Belize, a lack of up to date and relevant data has been highlighted as a major obstacle to sustainable development. That’s why TBSL HAS partnered with Esri, the World’s leader in GIS software and data to bring awareness to as many Belizean professionals, private and public organizations of the value of the […]