General election

Another one bites the dust 1

What is happening to the New PUP?  Is there something going on in the shadows that the people need to know but never will? The high ranking officers are abandoning ship like rats off a sinking ship of sorts… Mark Espat and committee calls it quit PRESS RELEASE The Hon. Mark Espat has notified the PUP Albert Executive Committee that he will not offer himself as a candidate in the upcoming General Elections. Our Committee is aware of the circumstances leading to his decision. While we wished for Mark to continue in public service, we understand and fully support this […]

PM of Belize announces Election Time is On 1

Jan 31, 2012 We hinted at it in the news one week ago, and today it was confirmed: General elections will be held in exactly 35 days, on March 7 – the same day as municipal elections. It will be Belize’s first double election since 2003 and the first early general election since 1993. The action started this morning when the Prime Minister visited the Governor General’s Office in Belmopan at 8:45 am – to advise him to dissolve the National Assembly on Friday, February 3. On that day, a writ will be issued setting the 17th February as nomination […]