Gaspar Vega

2014 Race for UDB Party Leader is on

As posted on Financial World News The race for Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party is soon to enter the home stretch leg with the finish line set for February 17th.  Two of the ruling UDP Ministers have entered their names contesting the seat of Deputy Party Leader, the second most powerful seat within the party’s hierarchy.  It is widely known that the one that holds the DPL’s seat is the chosen one to also be the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Belize.  Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Party Leader of the UDP Gaspar Vega has […]

Payments for No Work

We got these pictures showing large sums of money being paid by GOB (Government of Belize) for services not rendered by Imer Hernandez nephew of the Deputy PM of Belize Gaspar Vega. This is really normal practice with what is called the “Friends and Family Circle” with Belizean politics. There are numerous scandals rocking the nation lately ranging from Illegal Rosewood logging and dealings by the Deputy PMs brother, Land Grabs, the Noh Mul demolishing which still has not been dealt with.

Deputy Prime Minister Vega Family Land Grab 1

We recently got hold of some of the land documents showing where the minister has either given or sold at dirt cheap, land to his family. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources has literally said that because him and his family are not “NORMAL” Belizeans that these actions are ok and the Prime Minister actually backs him up.  

Ministry of Natural Resources undermining Dangriga Town Council

By News5 Belize There’s another land controversy brewing and the Dangriga Town Council says it is a deliberate attempt by the Ministry of Natural Resources to undermine and frustrate the Council and the people of Dangriga. In a nutshell, what we found out today is that parcel nine-nine-one near the main bridge in downtown Dangriga was sold to Anthony Adderly by government sometime around 2008. According to the Town Council, it was then decided that the land should be reserved for public use and the land was re-acquired from Adderly for four thousand dollars, the purchase price he had paid […]

PM Defends Vega and Rosewood Amnesty 1

And finally tonight, we have the Prime Minister speaking on the controversial Rosewood Amnesty. It finished on Friday and the Forestry Department is now tallying all that will be stamped and approved for export. The amnesty has been roundly, almost universally condemned, and the PM says, he hears it well enough. Hon. Dean Barrow “I cannot be disrespectful of public opinion but I still think that that was a legitimate, simple and practical way to go. Look there’s talk of principals that were involved and connection to the UDP. While those that do the actual exports are limited in number […]

Hon. Gaspar Vega: No Apologies For "Giving" Land To Family

Thu, August 2, 2012 Last night on the news, you heard the PUP making the case that two UDP Ministers, Gaspar Vega and Rene Montero had given their family members lavish parcels of land easily and inexpensively. Today, we caught up with Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega in his role as Minister of Agriculture. He was in Blue Creek for a Cattle Sweep – and, thus, had the misfortune of being the first public official to stage an impromptu press conference under a cattle shed. But no matter the circumstance, he was obliging, and remarkably candid about land that he […]

Letter to Ministers

Please express your disapproval of Government’s decision to bring into Belize high risk genetically modified food by calling or writing any or all of the Ministers and CEOs under whose responsibility this decision lies. Personal letters are of course best, but a template is provided here which you can copy and paste into your own word processor.   Dear Hon. Minister, The unilateral action of Ministry of Agriculture in authorizing trial genetically modified (GM) crops is simply unacceptable – and contravenes the Belize National Biosafety Policy of 2009. GM crops carry substantial risks, including: Health risks for humans, livestock and […]


UNCLAS BELMOPAN 000097 DEPT FOR WHA/CEN – CHRISTOPHER ASHE E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PGOV PREL PINR BH SUBJECT: CABINET RESHUFFLE OR POLITICAL PAYBACK? ¶1. Summary: Less than one week after the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) won a landslide victory in municipal elections, the Prime Minister (PM) has reshuffled his cabinet. These changes involve the removal of one Minister — Marcel Cardona, changed portfolios for three more, and the restructuring of two Ministries. While the move is widely seen as political payback and has raised criticism from the ousted Cardona, the overwhelming UDP majority is not likely to suffer from […]