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How the U.S. State Department Promotes GMO Global Agenda 2

Biotech Ambassadors by Food & Water Watch In the last decade, the United States has pursued foreign policy objectives on food and agriculture that benefit a few big seed companies. This commonly takes the form of the U.S. State Department exercising its diplomatic prestige and bully pulpit to pressure foreign governments to adopt policies favored by the agricultural biotechnology companies. Food & Water Watch’s comprehensive analysis of State Department diplomatic cables reveals a concerted strategy to promote agricultural biotechnology overseas, compel countries to import biotech crops and foods that they do not want, and lobby foreign governments — especially in […]

Leak: US Using Taxpayer Dollars To Promote Monsanto GMOs Overseas 1

by Anthony Gucciardi May 15th, 2013 Just when you thought the latest Supreme Court ruling in favor of Monsanto’s anti-farmer patent policy was enough evidence of Monsanto’s deep relationship with the US government, hundreds of new cables from the State Department and embassies around the world reveal that your taxpayer dollars are being used to push Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds. Even mainstream news websites like Reuters are now reporting on the cable details, as it becomes more than crystal clear that the United States government is literally assisting Monsanto in promoting it’s health-crushing genetically modified seeds and escalating the corporation above […]

What to look for when buying seeds…

Here is a list of Monsanto Products to watch for. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS! Monsanto Seed Brands Agricultural Seed Brands Asgrow Certainty Turf Channel Degree XTRA DEKALB Deltapine Fontanelle Gold Country Seed Harness Hubner Seed INTRRO Jung Seed Genetics Kruger Seeds Lariat Lewis Hybrids Micro-Tech Outrider Outrider – IT&O Rea Hybrids Roundup Custom Roundup PowerMAX Roundup PRO Concentrate Roundup PROMAX Roundup QuikPRO Roundup WeatherMAX RT 3 Specialty Hybrids Stewart Seeds Stone Seed Group TripleFLEX WestBred Agricultural Seeds Alfalfa Canola Corn Cotton Sorghum Soybeans Sugarbeets Wheat  Traits, Technologies & Partnering Acceleron Seed Treatment Products Corn States Genuity Traits Integrated Farming […]