How to survive a flash-flood

There is always a risk of flash flooding no matter where you live. In the western part of Belize with the Chalillo dam, there is an even greater risk of flash-flooding and with it greater risk of way more fatalities that a natural flash flood. In this article we will provide pointers to help you survive one of these disasters. It will be a long one so be ready to read…

Flood testing .. Interesting

Reading Belize news I came across an article on the 7 news site that made me wonder what is happening in Belize and what is wrong with the responsible parties and the media. It strikes me very strange that a test as huge as this is going to be launched with little details regarding what checks are in place should something go wrong, how much of a flood will be caused, what liability plans have been put in place in the event that something goes wrong and I hope that it does not.Reading Belize news I came across an article […]