NEMO District Office Information

Nemo Main Office Contact National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) NEMO Headquarters, City of Belmopan, Belize, Central America Telephone: (501) 822-2054 / 0995 Emergency Line: (501) 936 Fax: (501) 822-2861/802-0874 Email: nemohqbmp@nemo.org.bz District Emergency Coordinators NAME POST EMAIL ADDRESS Ms. Jeromey Timrose Augustin Belize District Coordinator timrose.augustine@nemo.org.bz Mr. Alpheus Gillett Belize Rural alpheus.gillett@nemo.org.bz Mr.Juan Leiva Orange Walk ow_coordinator@nemo.org.bz Mr. Ronnie Hernandez Corozal ron.hdz@nemo.org.bz Mr. David Cruz Stann Creek david.cruz@nemo.org.bz Mr. Kenton Parham Toledo kenton.parham@nemo.org.bz Mr.  Johnny Ramclam Cayo johnny.ramclam@nemo.org.bz Mrs. Clare Moody Belmopan c.moody@nemo.org.bz Mr. Kevin Pollard Belize Rural kevin.pollard@nemo.org.bz Ms.Vanessa Parham San Pedro vanessa.parham@nemo.org.bz Regional Emergency Coordinators NAME POST EMAIL […]

Focusing on Readiness for Emergencies

I’ve been looking at the world and started noticing patterns developing that are concerning and thought that I’d start a series on Preparing for Emergencies. The information will still continue as usual at FiWeBelize, but this needs to happen. Governments have been preparing for different scenarios and most people are not paying attention to these things. As we look at the issues affecting places like Venezuela and other nations that are not getting into the mindset of getting their citizenry ready for emergencies, I am going to be putting articles together that will help the average person prep for different […]

Jasmine Alert 2

Belize is so behind on the technology time line it is not funny. With all the crime going on in Belize, the police and medical sectors need to get much financing to become what the nation needs them to be. There is so much that can be done, the Governments and people simply need to want it to happen and push as hard as needs be to get it. To start with there needs to be a system of networks bound together that will span country-wide. Ala Amber Alert here in the US. It would be a bit expensive but […]