Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor

This BBC documentary details United States and Britain knew beforehand of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Much more evidence has come to light since the 1989 – when this film was put together. For nearly 50 years, the world has believed President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s declaration that the Pearl Harbor attack was a completely unexpected assault on a neutral nation. Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor tells another, hidden story – using actual recording of intercepted diplomatic communications, declassified government documents, archival footage and interviews with diplomats and spies from around the world. We now know that intelligence operatives from the US and […]

Marley – The Documentary

Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley was and still is an international superstar. His death in 1981 cut his life and monumental career short but his music lives on and his popularity has grown exponentially. Not only did he leave 11 confirmed children behind, he left the legacy of bringing reggae music into the international spotlight. Bob Marley promoted the growth of the Rastafarian religion, that was before the 70′s, only known on his tiny island of Jamaica. His spirit has resonated through many cultures, generations and even armed conflict. All who love his music have their own reasons for identifying with […]