The medical perspective on decriminalizing marijuana possession

You will have heard by now of a proposal to decriminalize the possession of a small quantity of marijuana. The pros and cons of this proposal have been and will continue to be debated; and there are strong arguments on both sides. The recreational and medicinal use are separate and distinct issues; this week, Healthy Living gets the medical facts on marijuana,  its effects and one medical professional’s opinion on the issue of decriminalization. Marleni Cuellar, Reporting By now, either by means of drug education or the glamorized drug use in pop culture, most people are exposed to marijuana and […]

Thoughts on Marijuana 1

Marijuana is better for you than lighting up a cigarette. Cigarettes have things like tar and other unnatural things that will turn your lungs black and give you cancer, while marijuana doesn’t. The difference is a) marijuana affects you more, b) cigarettes are legal, and c) there are no deaths recorded that have come from Marijuana alone. However… Most street marijuana has been laced with other chemicals, like rat poison and other insecticides. These increase the feeling of intoxication. Obviously, if a chemical would kill another form of life, it would not be good for you. You need to suspect […]

Decriminalizing the weed in Belize 1

With  steady increase in use and a high number of people becoming criminals for simply possessing a stick of “herb” (notice that society does not really distinguish between the classes of criminals, they see criminals as criminals. Been to jail? You are a criminal.) and the large amount of money and man hours it takes to keep Marijuana illegal it only makes sense to decriminalize the thing. Marijuana or Weed as it is locally known grows wild in Belize and for a long time has been used as remedies for several ailments including Joint Pain (soaked in green rubbing alcohol). […]