Crime prevention

Gap Analysis Report: Citizen Security in Belize

Prepared for the Innovation in Citizen Services Division by Jennifer Peirce This paper presents updated information about crime and violence in Belize, and about current and recent initiatives that address these issues, with an emphasis on youth and on Southside Belize City. The findings complement the 2013 IDB Technical Note on citizen security in Belize and the analysis of the completed Community Action for Public Safety Program (CAPS). The report reviews factors contributing to crime and violence in Belize, and then identifies opportunities to consolidate progress and gaps in services. It makes recommendations for future programs, including a potential second […]

IDB Report on Citizen Security in Belize

The following is a report published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) dated October 2013. It discusses the lack of citizen security, the ever increasing crime rate, lack of resources to combat it and the underlying aspects that are causing this growth, things I have touched time and again in many discussions like Education, Poverty, failure of our justice system not only in practice but to your citizens in the penitentiary system. Without further adieu, here is the report, and may I say that things have gotten and only keep getting worst. Abstract In the face of rising crime rates […]

UN Guidelines on Justice in Matters involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime 1

The Economic and Social Council, Recalling its resolution 1996/16 of 23 July 1996, in which it requested the Secretary-General to continue to promote the use and application of United Nations standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal justice,   Recalling also its resolution 2004/27 of 21 July 2004 on guidelines on justice for child victims and witnesses of crime, in which it requested the Secretary-General to convene an intergovernmental expert group in order to develop guidelines on justice in matters involving child victims and witnesses of crime,   Recalling further General Assembly resolution 40/34 of 29 November 1985, by […]