Patient File #107

Found this on Reddit and thought I’d share. Therapists have a lot on their plate on a daily basis and they have to work in a broken system that doesn’t understand the need to address the underlying problems and provide proper methods of helping and curing instead of masking. Those at the level where the struggle really happens and where the first line of defense lies, face the ever easy task of getting blamed for the failures of the other layers of the system and this case is a good example of that, other will only go so far before […]


By Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant In my articles I try to point out and describe to readers, both inside and outside of Belize, the many responsibilities as well as the essential needs of educators, students, parents, and the community/country at large. The bottom line and ultimate goal of each article presented in this column and on RESPONSIBILITY TO WHOM AND FOR WHAT? is to encourage each individual, not only students but the entire country, to keep improving and growing productively in the new 21st Century. My recent observations and striking descriptions (with apologies to no one) […]

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We started our Community a little bit ago and would like to offer a warm invitation to join us in the discussions. Feel free to share photos, videos and other media. (Click on the image below to be taken to the community.) Thanks, The team at FiWeBelize   FAQs What is a Google Plus Community? A G+ community is more like a forum. The “members” can be people you do not have circled. A community is not like a Brand page because any member is allowed to start a post “thread“, whereas on a brand page, only the owner or […]