Poverty – The International Violation of Human Rights 4

These days there are much talks of rights violation from the criminal to LGBT, however there is one issue that is not seeing as much motion or effort for something that we consider the most basic of human rights violation; Poverty. Belizeans must not take freedom and human rights for granted. We need to focus on the poverty level and underdeveloped communities of Belize first then we can move onto other rights for what sense does it make if you can live safe in jail or have same sex marriages when you can’t afford to buy food for your child […]

This is a need to know article about ADD/ADHD

I was reading some articles on the internet about the effects of prescription drugs and how they affect our families. It is really interesting to know that there is so much information out there that we choose to ignore because we have been thought that the doctors are always right. One of the most dangerous ones are the drugs that are given to children for what is marketed as ADD/ADHD. I think this is very important information that all parents should know. Parents, you need to start researching what you are being told by the medical professionals before you agree […]