Cayo District

Billy Webster Investigation Report

This was sent in to us anonymously via email and asking that we share it so others can know that the Belize Police refuse to do their jobs. Back in 2012 Canadian National William L Webster aka Billy Webster, was found dead in his home in Santa Elena, Belize police ruled the case suicide and have refused to re-open the case despite numerous requests from William’s wife and an independent investigation that shows that Billy did not and could not have committed suicide. The following quote is from News5: “When I got down there on the twenty-ninth, it took me […]

Belize is at war and doesn't know it

While stumbling online I ran across this article by one of Belize’s top photographers and thought it is too important not to share. I fully agree with Tony here, we are fighting a silent and invisible war that most of us don’t know is happening. I was speaking to one of the military personnel recently and he was telling me about this exact issue. I find it horribly disgraceful that Guatemalans can come into Belize and do as they please, when our military does their jobs in defending our nation and either capture or kill these armed invaders they get […]


By Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant Some people may consider it as pathetic, even disgusting perhaps, that today’s super-advanced mobile technology has surpassed and replaced everyday human interaction. Raging over the internet this month is a picture of Albert Einstein, with a caption next to his picture, “Has this day arrived?” The controversial saying that some people attribute to Einstein, although it has not been proven, is one wherein he predicts that technology would surpass humanity and eventually create a generation of idiots. The fact is that today’s advanced technology is no longer science fiction, as it […]

Missing – Cara Pastor

Updated On Tuesday May 7th 2013 at 5:04pm, Herman George Pastor Jr, of #19 Rose Wood Street, Santiago Juan layout Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, reported that on May 3rd 2013, between the hours of 9:00pm and 10:45pm, his daughter Cara Pastor, 16, a student, ran away from home and is suspected to be in the company of a male person of SIEGNE BIGHT VILLAGE, Stann Creek District. She is 5’5″ in height, slim athletic built, have a “mohawk” haircut, dark complexion and of Creole decent. Police are seeking Darnell Majore whom they believe can assist in the investigation. […]

El Cayo calls for a shutdown

Residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena have called for a shutdown of businesses in the Cayo district. Preliminary plans are for the shutdown to start at dawn on Monday. The shutdown is designed to send a message to government that immediate action is needed to curb the growing crime problem in the Cayo district. A meeting will take place on Sunday afternoon to finalize plans for Monday’s total shutdown of the Cayo district. This comes after the failed police and judicial system allows one more criminal to walk free and their plight for justice and a true working solution […]

Offshore Oil Drilling In Belize 2

Belize’s Government Under Pressure At Home For Offshore Drilling Concessions By Bilal Morris   The debate around offshore drilling in Belize hit center stage in June of 2010 with the Mayor of San Pedro, Elsa Paz, calling on her own government to have ‘consideration’ about making decisions on offshore drilling. Paz joined forces with advocates like the Coalition To Save Our National Heritage on the island to send a message to the Barrow administration to stop making decisions without consultation that can hurt the environment of Belize in the long run. “I believe that government should have some consideration before […]

One of them caught

In a new missing case in Cayo District again, the prompt response by the people calling in with information and police acting swiftly on the info, one Bert Vasquez has been brought into custody. When they got him he had extra License plates in his car. The young girl Positively identified him! This guy has been on the loose after several incidents in the past… WTF??? – – – –   We at FiWeBelize hope that he finally gets what’s coming to him and that justice is rightly served. UPDATE Unconfirmed is that the person that […]

Accident Victim's Family Says Vega Left Them With Huge Medical Bills

At the end of last year we reported on a major collision on the Western Highway that happened on Boxing Day on the outskirts of San Ignacio Town. A D-Max pickup truck driven by 20-year old Ian Vega crashed into a minivan belonging to the Windy Hill Resort. Passengers inside the van were Erlin Puk, Reina Ruiz and Luis Polanco – all workers of Windyhill. Erlin Puk suffered a broken leg, while Renia Ruiz received injuries to her leg and chest. The most seriously hurt was driver, Luis Polanco- who received severe head injuries and was hospitalized in a coma […]

Sugar Shortage Explained

7 News Belize Last year Belize experienced an acute sugar shortage – very sad for a country that produces sugar in abundance. The subtext to the entire episode was the fact that sugar was being smuggled out of Belize to be sold at a premium in Guatemala and Mexico. It’s the kind of thing where everyone knew what was up but no one could say for sure how it was happening. But a bust of contraband sugar in Guatemala has blown the whole thing open. On Saturday, Guatemalan authorities seized a truck carrying 140 sacks of smuggled white sugar from […]


UNCLAS BELMOPAN 000655 SIPDIS SENSITIVE SIPDIS DEPT FOR DS/IP/WHA, DS/DSS/ITA, DS/DSS/OSAC, CA/OCS, WHA/CEN – ROIS BEAL E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: ASEC AMGT BH SUBJECT: STRONG MS-13 PRESENCE IN WESTERN BELIZE REF: (A) BELMOPAN 643; (B) BELMOPAN 609; (C) 05 BELIZE 657; (D) 06 BELIZE 579; (E) BELMOPAN 118 ¶1. (SBU) Recent reports from Belize of the Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) presence in Belize (REFTELS A, B) indicated a stronger base of operations than previously known. Reports from a Confidential Source (CS) (REFTEL A) led RSO to independently determine MS-13 strength in the Cayo District of western Belize. Interviews and observation […]


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the Social Security Act, Chapter 44 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003,that the Investment Committee of the Social Security Board,as per its Investment Framework Section 49, has recommended to the Board of Directors the approval of the sum of $14,912,339 (Fourteen Million Nine Hundred Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Nine Dollars)to Nature Fresh Belize Ltd for the buyout of the assets of Fresh Catch Belize Ltd and provide operating capital. Amount : $14,912,339 Term: 10 years Interest rate: 8% on the reducing balance The objectives of the investment are to grow the […]