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Essentiality for Freedom of the Press

I found this article and though it was important to share. I share the same sentiment that our press MUST have the right and freedom to not only write freely about issues on all levels but also to be free from the fear of prosecution and victimization from those in office. This will be a long one but a must read, especially for those in the Media. Originally published in The Nassau Guardian on November 08, 2012 by Alfred Sears, an attorney, former member of Parliament and former attorney general of The Bahamas. In a democratic society there is no […]

I will continue to advocate …

by Glenn Tillett I am reproducing the following column which was published in the Belize Times several years ago because I was told that a judgement in this matter may be nigh. I have been told by some that my suit is simply me carrying a brief for Lord Ashcroft in his fight with the Barrow administration over the seizure of Belize Telemedia Limited. I am aware that I am that proverbial blade of grass underfoot those giants, but I am neither tool nor fool. I am confident that mine is an act borne from principle and I am encouraged […]

Analysis: The need for Consensus on a National Security Policy 1

This essay was published in The Belize Times in 1998. At the time it reflected the attendant realities in so far as our national security. My colleague and I were addressing what we saw as a glaring indifference at that particular period in our nation’s history By: Hubert Pipersburgh and Derrick Estrada Current Assumptions Flawed: The recent cross-border incursion by terrorists is a focusing event of a very serious problem: The national security and territorial integrity of Belize may very well be at stake. The incident is but one recent example of how fluid the Belize/Guatemalan border is. The incident […]

Had to share… The world’s most violent region

I was reading up on Belize News a couple of days ago and came across this article on the Belize Times that got my attention. I read it, pondered a bit and then read it again. This really shocked the hell out of me to know that in a matter of a little over a decade or two our country has apparently sunk so low.