Belize Electricity System Upgrade Launched

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) remains committed to assisting the Government of Belize in achieving its development objectives including those in the electricity sector. This message was conveyed to staff of the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) at a workshop held from September 3 to 5, to officially launch the project to upgrade and expand the electricity system. This project is being funded by a loan of USD11.231mn. This upgrade and expansion will be the sixth intervention by CDB in the electricity sector in Belize but the first for all of the staff members of BEL involved in its implementation. The […]

Telemedia and Belize Electricity Limited: the economics of nationalisation

February 09 2012 The proposed Ninth Constitutional Amendment, whether it is legally or constitutionally valid or not, must be looked at in the context of Belize’s socio-economic realities. The Ninth Amendment seeks to accomplish one primary objective: to entrench nationalisation of certain utilities – in particular, Telemedia and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). Concerned that such entrenchment may be the subject of a successful legal challenge under the basic structure doctrine applied by the Supreme Court in Barry Bowen v Attorney General,(1)the legislature has sought to place the entrenchment beyond all legal challenge in the courts. By doing so in such […]

PUC Says Fortis Owned BEL Spent 7M on Lawyers

7 News Belize On Friday in the House of Representatives, the main event was the Prime Minister announcing the new electricity rates. And while the chest-beating is raw political instinct at work – the devil is in the details – and today the Chairman of the PUC, John Avery gave a detailed explanation of the seven main areas they reviewed to come up with the initial decision for 6% decrease in your electricity rate. He said that the former Fortis ownership of BEL had a habit of spending too much on lawyers – and that had to be factored into […]