Crime and Society

By: Dr. Robert Winslow Belize is a parliamentary democracy with a constitution enacted in 1981 upon independence from the United Kingdom. Numerous ruins indicate that for hundreds of years Belize was heavily populated by the Maya Indians, whose relatively advanced civilization reached its height between A.D. 250 and 900. Eventually the civilization declined leaving behind small groups whose offspring still exist in Belize contributing positively to the culturally diverse population. In 1502, Columbus sailed through parts of the Caribbean, but did not actually visit the area later known as British Honduras. The first reference to European settlement in the colony […]

Belize: Are We in a State of Insecurity or are We an Insecure State?

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, Following a series of recent, unfortunate occurrences in our beloved nation, I am compelled to put for the above-listed query. Where do I begin? As in all things, I guess it is best to lay the foundation and then build from there. To those who have kept tabs on what appears that only a few seem to recognise as Belize’s greatest existential threat, the nation of Guatemala’s unfounded claim to our sovereign territory, the first portion of my contribution will come as no surprise. In essence, successive administrations have taken a submissive and minimalist […]

Confusion in Jalacte – Guats Cry Foul On BDF

Confusion in Jalacte/Santa Cruz Adjacency Zone; Guats Cry Foul On BDF. According to a report earlier this week in The Guatemalan Daily, LA Prensa Libre, Guatemalan farmers living in the village of Santa Cruz, which abuts Jalacte in southern Belize, are complaining to their government that on Saturday, December 18th, a group of around 11 Belizean soldiers entered the adjacency zone and destroyed 9 of their corn fields that were at the point of being harvested. According to the report in La Prensa Libre, the BDF patrol was from a lookout post located 300 meters from Cruz in San Luis, […]