Avian influenza

H5N1 Out in the Wild

Culling ordered after H5N1 virus discovered in Nepal and India NEPAL – Health workers in Nepal are to cull thousands of chickens following the discovery of the H5N1 strain of bird flu in the southeastern part of the Himalayan country. “We sent samples for investigation to London after chickens started to die of a mysterious disease in commercial poultry farms,” said Ram Krishna Khatiwada, of the government’s Directorate of Animal Health. “We have received the test reports today that confirms infection of bird flu in poultry farms in Khanar and Ithari of the Sunsari district.” INDIA: In Odisha, about 20,000 birds […]

Controversial Killer Flu Research Paused

Researchers developing extra-contagious strains of H5N1 avian influenza have agreed to pause their work for 60 days.   The moratorium, announced Jan. 20 in Nature and Science, is a response to public fear and alarm in the scientific community, which has split over whether the research could inadvertently lead to release of a nightmare disease. Depending on perspective, the moratorium is either a genuine recognition of the need for broader discussion or a public relations gesture. Either way, it’s a chance for everyone to catch their breath without reaching for a mask. Fear that the viruses “may escape from the […]

Swine Flu

Tis the season and this time around it’s really bad. You all heard it on the news, read it in the papers;  Swine Flu is what were talking about, H1N1, the strain that is usually found in swine. We can’t do everything for you to make sure you don’t get it but we can give you some insight on what it is, how to deal with it and hopefully you can avoid it. KEY FACTS ABOUT SWINE INFLUENZA (swine Flu) What is Swine Flu? Swine Influenza  is a respiratory disease caused by a type A influenza virus that regularly causes […]