Some interesting finds in the Laws of Belize

So I was skimming through the laws of Belize and stumbled on some interesting finds. I pondered on these for a while and questioned some of them as to why they are not being practiced. I would like to hear your thoughts on these and if you have any other interesting ones please feel free to share them with us.

  1. Our Constitution provides for freedom of assembly and association and the protection of the right to privacy and the right to work.
  2. Full Independence with Queen of England as Head of State and Represented in Belize by the Governor-General
  3. Everyone is entitled to vote when he is 18, unless he is not a British subject or a Commonwealth Citizen, is of unsound mind, has been found guilty of breaking the election laws within the last six years, or is in prison for any serious crime.
  4. The Government cannot legally spend any money without the permission of the House of Representatives.
  5. OUR 1981 CONSTITUTION provides for a Governor-General who must be a citizen of Belize and who is appointed by the Queen to be her representative in Belize.
  6. The Minister must be prepared to speak on behalf of his own Ministry or for any part of the Government’s field of responsibility. They must all defend the policy of the Government in both of the Houses. They may disagree inside the Cabinet but once a vote is taken each and everyone is obliged to defend that policy and it is never known, or should never be known, that any of them did not agree with this or that policy. In the event that a Minister feels so strongly against a policy that he does not intend to defend it in the National Assembly or in private and public, it is normal for him to resign as a Minister of the Cabinet. If not, the Prime Minister may call on him to do so.
  7. The Cabinet works in great secrecy. No outside person is allowed to see any Cabinet papers until they have become only of historical interest, and no member of the Cabinet may refer outside to the discussions that have taken place in the Cabinet. This rule is strictly observed, and if it can be proved that a Minister has made known to outsiders any of the secret discussions he is liable to prosecution, and if found guilty by the Court can be sent to prison.
  8. A member can be removed from office by the Governor-General only after being so advised by the Belize Advisory Council and for reasons of inability to carry out his duties or for misbehavior which must first have been referred to the Belize Advisory Council for inquiry and report to the Governor-General with their advice.
  9. Ministers of Government have no say in the appointment of members of the Pubic Service. However in  the case of Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Departments and other Officers stipulated in section 107(1) of the Constitution the Governor-General makes the appointment of these officers acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister given after consultation with the Public Service Commission.
  10. Local authorities are responsible for the maintenance of streets, parks and playgrounds, the management and control of markets and slaughterhouses, the cleaning of drains and collection of garbage and the provision of amenities for the city or town. Revenue is derived from property taxes and trade licenses supplemented by subventions or grants received from the national government.

The one’s in red were one’s that I found very interesting and very important. Number one tho is the one that really caught my attention.

If we have these rights by law, then why is it that whenever people gather the police do all they can including physical harm to stop it? Why is it that no one has any real privacy, think about how the Govt is implementing ways and means to track your every move. Why is it that people are fired from their jobs as soon as a political party takes office just because they are assumed to be affiliated to the other party or when contracts are given to special people because they know someone in office?

This is part one of numerous posts I will be making like this to enlighten our population of what their rights are according to the Laws that govern our nation.

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