Some important information on the N1H1 vaccine.

This was a segment on Fox News in September. The doctor basically says that the vaccine is more deadly that the virus itself. It’s amazing that the drug companies and the Governments are pushing this vaccine so hard. Many medical professionals are bringing up issues with the vaccine and the possible side effects it more than likely will cause.

Interview with Dr. Ken Holtorf

So what are the risks of the swine flu vaccines? It depends on who you ask.

“There can be no argument that unnecessary mass injection of millions of children with a vaccine containing an adjuvant known to cause a host of debilitating autoimmune diseases is a reckless, dangerous plan,” explained Dr. Joseph Mercola, a health activist, author and strong critic of the swine flu immunization program. He proceeds to provide evidence justifying his concerns.

The adjuvant Mercola is referring to is based on an oil known as squalene. It is used to reduce the amount of viral antigen required in vaccines, which allows companies to produce more vaccines for less money at a faster rate.

But according to countless medical professionals and experts, using it in immunizations is a bad idea. It is also going to be somewhat experimental. There isn’t a single vaccine containing squalene that is approved for use in America, according to Meryl Nass, M.D., who notes that Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline will make use of it as a “novel feature of the H1N1 vaccines.”

Squalene is a naturally occurring oil, found in the human brain, joints, and other places. The problem, according to some experts, comes when it is administered in a vaccine. They claim that in this circumstance, the body creates antibodies to attack the oil. And it is believed by many to be responsible for the wide variety of symptoms that were called collectively “Gulf War Syndrome,” a sometimes debilitating set of phenomena present in a large number of U.S. military personnel who served during the first war in Iraq.

We will be posting more information. Remember, Prevention is better than cure.

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