Society's Ignorance, the Politician’s Game

This is a little something I put together concerning the current status of what I consider to be our ignorance the politicians have instilled in us over time so they can have their way while they are in power. Granted it has drastically changed over time but it still lingers as part of our society and unless we do something to eradicate it completely, they will keep using it against us. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

As we stand today, the only thing making news are article of one party slandering the other and vice versa. What is it about our politicians today that all they can do is slander each other in front of our eyes while sitting at the same table together as one big family, eat and drink from the same tax money we pay them to develop and sustain our society and economy.

These people are putting up a front for us to see while they lavish in the fruits of your hard earned money that is being taxed so dearly, to fill the pockets of their cronies and themselves. We as a people need to remove from our eyes what has been placed there by the politician, the same ones that are there to help. We are blind to these facts, we bicker amongst ourselves in favor for one party or another and we create enemies from people that were once dear friends or families; our children are being exposed to this negativity and start to hate another because of the party color. People are being locked up, beaten, killed and taken advantage of because of colors; these are just a few of the things done for these parasites.

Politicians feed off our ignorance and negativity. After they sit in the National Assembly pretending to damage each others thought and practices, after they slander the other person to make you believe they are working for your best interest; these very same public enemies, as I stated earlier, sit together and eat off your hard earned money, the money that should be used for your children and the future of their children. All they talk about is their personal lives, sitting there talking about how they made a good show for us today. It is all a magic show, we are the audience, they are the magicians holding the ball in one hand to distract us and telling us what they want to and with the other hand they pull the stunts the need so they can rob us. As the age old proverb says, “Birds of a feather always flock together.”

My people, how often do you see your area representative at your door, asking how is it going after a long day at work? How many faces have you seen in the streets mingling with us “Commoners”, eating amongst us at the markets? You only see their faces when they are campaigning or need something from you. We need responsible, honest and capable people to represent us in these high offices. We need officers who are not afraid to confront us even in the face of darkness and negative times. We need people who can take a negative story in the opposition’s news article and overcome it to face the needs of your society instead of having a cabinet shuffle to try and cover it up over time.

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