ROC on BSI ASR BSCFA – Press Release

December 29, 2014

Press Release

(For Immediate Release)

The Rod of Correction (ROC) has been following with much concern, the developments that have been taking place regarding the start of the sugar cane crop for the Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) and Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA).

What has been become abundantly clear to ROC is the observation that it is definitively possible for the sugar cane delivery season to be declared open, even in the absence of a signed agreement. This, the Rod of Correction would like to encourage the cane farmers of the north to take heed to.

The Rod of Correction(ROC) now reiterates the sound call of the NTUCB in their last press release, given the fact that the Sugar Industry Control Board, being a legally constituted entity, under the Sugar Industry Act , is mandated by law to set the date for the opening of the crop season.

In like fashion to the NTUCB, ROC calls on the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to obey the law and proceed to consult ASR /BSI and BSCFA and, thereafter, make its decision to set the date for the grinding season.

The entire body of constituents of ROC remains steadfast in its support in ensuring that the sugar cane farmers of Belize do not become reduced to mere laborers working the sugar cane fields for foreign entities, rather than being primary stakeholders in the industry.

Proper governance of this Industry MUST prevail and ROC maintains vigilance.

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